Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why is Reducing your Presumptions a Good Thing?


Yesterday I did a workshop at Hosei University in Tokyo on this very subject, and it went very well! The students were engaged, thoughtful and articulate. I want to think the aministration at Hosei University, particularly, Mr. Okita, Mrs. Taji and Mr. Yanagawa to help organize this workshop and help it run smoothly. You guys are fabulous! And to the students, thank you all for helping this be the success that it was. You guys are the future!

  Hosei workshop

Remember, when you encounter new people, what do you really know? Zero! :-) I think Hana will remember...she posted feedback on Instagram!

  hosei 5a


 Nice right? Big shout out to Hana!

  hosei workshop 2

hosei 7

hosei 4
hosei 3

An all-around great experience! Looking forward to the next!

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