Monday, January 11, 2016

Dan's the Man!

dan kimono 1 The latest #BlackEye is up and this month we focus on a gentleman who I can say is a role model of mine here in Japan. The man came here with little and built an thriving career, step by step. I interviewed him about how he was able to do it. Here's an excerpt from what I learned talking with Mr. Dan Smith! dan samurai 2

While we are making our way around this prestigious establishment, Smith gets busy name-dropping in an ultra-cool, Afrocentric casual way. He lets out a “What’s up, Jake?” and a “What’s happening, Lawrence?” — all jovial, handing out pounds and fist bumps, and introducing me to everyone. And once they’ve gone about their business, Smith will lean in and tell me something like, “That dude was the CFO of such-and-such mega-conglomerate” or “That cat used to run this joint before so-and-so took over.” You know, giving me the proper lay of the land. Though he is walking with a bit of a limp, his gait takes on the air of a swagger in the club’s environs. And with good reason, for it was clear to me that not only does everyone in the spot know him, they respect him.

dan samurai 1 For the rest of Dan's awesome story:

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