Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 7th Anniversary LIY!!


It was back in October 2008 that I first launched this enterprise known as Loco in Yokohama. Can't believe 7 years have passed. And nearly a thousand posts, averaging upwards of 800 words each. Just thinking about it awes me. The things we can do when we don't think too much about what we're doing until it's done. A lot of my life's energy went into LIY. Sometimes I wonder if it was worthwhile. Could all those hours I spent in internet cafe fixating on getting that paragraph just right or deciding which word would best capture and illustrate the idea I wanted to share been spent more productively? Wondering which headline would grab the attention without misleading, and which expression best conveys my feelings or would evoke the feelings of readers best. Should I have found something better to do with my time? Nah.   That's all the craft of writing and so not a moment of that time has been wasted. If it has contributed to the skill level I'm at now (which is still not high enough to rest on my laurels but better than it was when I started LIY) then this blog has served its purpose and then some. A lot has changed in that time, A LOT! And I owe a good number of those accomplishments I've made since that fateful day in 2008 to the fabulous readers and supporters of LIY over the years. Thank You So Much Guys!! Through every incarnation of this blog you guys have stood by me. Even you haters (you know who you are) you too have been a big part of my development as a person and as a writer. Nothing builds character like adversity and you guys, at various times, have been that and then some. I don't know how long you guys have been around, but if you've been here since the beginning then you probably remember this banner: anniversary3a I think of the period I blogged under that first banner as the Raw Years. Maybe 2008 - 2010. Then, once the blog started getting way more attention I had to get a logo...right? Big shout out to Bridget Babel for the logo design and Michael Gakuran for the banner design : anniversary2a I'd say that was from 2010-2013 Then after the books took off, as did my professional writing opportunities, a few more changes were in order...and the banner below came along, done fabulously and meticulously by Miki Hayashi. anniversary1a Anyway, guys, it's been a hecka-ride and I'm so proud of this little blog that could! And honored that you guys, my handful of remaining readers, have hung around for so long. I'll try to update it as often as I can but the issue is time...I don't have as much of it as I used to. But I really need to make more time to do so for there's nothing like writing without worry. And here, in my world, Planet LIY, I did as much of that as I could.  And the results weren't always great, but they were always interesting-- and sometimes great. And that works for me. Love, Loco  

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