Wednesday, January 4, 2017

From the "Harlem of London" to the Theaters of Tokyo, One Woman's Inspiring Journey


This time around, #BlackEye brings you the remarkable story of a British woman who came to Japan with little more than a plane ticket, a passport, and passion, and was able to turn that passion into a blossoming career in the Tokyo Theater. Allow me to introduce Reina!
 Here's an excerpt from her inspiring story:

“Originally I wanted to be an actress, because I was so in love with fantasy movies, magic, witches and theater. But my mom said, ‘No, acting is too difficult.’ By the time I was 14, I was obsessed with ‘The Simpsons.’ And then I heard Nancy Cartwright’s story — that she was considered too ugly to be an actress, and when she was offered a chance to audition for the voice of Lisa Simpson, was told she should try Bart. And she’s become one of the most famous voice actors in the West. Hearing her story was when I had the thought: ‘OK, I won’t become an actor. I’ll become a voice actor instead.’ “Later, when I was 16, I first saw the anime film ‘Fist of the North Star.’ In the U.K. it was rated 18, and I wondered why. Then I watched it and saw all the heads exploding and the blood spraying about, and I was shocked, excited and awed all at the same time. So that led to my love of Japanese anime. But it wasn’t until she was preparing to enter university that she had the epiphany that would eventually lead her from London to Japan!

 For more on Reina's journey from the London Ghetto to the Tokyo Stage: Click Here
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