Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fruits in Suits: Gay and Black in Japan

My latest #BlackEye article for the Japan Times is up!

And it's about the challenges and rewards of being Black & Gay in Japan, as well as some useful info everyone ought to know about what's going on in the LGBT community, and what kind of support and opportunities are available. Big shout out to two gentleman, Darien Alexander Williams and Loren Fykes, who agreed to be interviewed for my piece. They shared so many of their thoughts and experiences with #BlackEye I feel this article hardly does them justice...but it's a solid start!

Check it out HERE

Darien Alexander Williams

"Living in Tokyo is really, really fun, and very open,” he said. “And I think the gay scene is much more liberating and relaxed than in America. Gender presentation, for example, is less policed here than in the States." -- Darien Alexander Williams

For more of Darien's observations:

Read More HERE

Loren Fykes

"When I first learned about Da Bruthas, about some black gay guys hanging out together,” says Loren, “I wondered if I was going to enjoy it cause it was clear that we were only getting together because we were black and gay." --Loren Fykes

For more on Loren and the remarkable contributions he's made to the LGBT community here in Japan,

Read More HERE

For More info on Fruits in Suits (FinS) Japan, Click HERE For More info on Community Center akta (in Japanese) Click HERE

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