Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Japan has its own Big Bang Theory

14875907_584988968355321_1888216486_oIt's that time again. The latest Black Eye is up and atcha!

And we're closing out 2016 with a Big Bang! Big Bang Nicole that is! Actress, model, dancer AND Pro-Wrestler! She's got a lot more than Hot Sauce in her Bag! Here's an excerpt from this amazing athlete's story:

  “I remember watching matches on TV with Kyoko Inoue, Manami Toyota and Aja Kong. So, to then go work for Inoue, I was just blown away!” Roni says. “All of these women have had such illustrious careers. And now here I am, part of that legacy, part of the Diana family! It’s just incredible.” I’d seen some (OK, maybe more than some) women’s wrestling matches in the States back in the day, and to say it was anything more than a T&A fest with big hair, scant and/or outlandish outfits and unimaginative gimmicks would be overstating it. But, at Roni’s prompting, I watched some video of Inoue and Toyota having it out back in 1992, and I could see what had impressed her. The match was nothing short of off the chain! “I’m very grateful that WWW Diana is such a great company. They are literally one of the only joshi (women’s) companies in Japan with all veteran members who are extremely old school, which is how I was trained back in the States. Japanese old school and American old school are not the same, but at the end of the day, it’s an older style and I connected with it more. I guess I’m old school too.


“The training is extremely difficult, comparable to how Spartans were trained back in ancient times, I imagine,” she says, laughing. “It took me about three months to get used to how intense it was. Fortunately they adjusted it a bit due to my size. By the time you get used to one hell, they hit you with another one. But the training gets you to a level where you can perform consistently and effectively at a high caliber all the time, because we trained six days a week and wrestled two to three times a week.”

 For more of Big Bang's Theories, check out the complete piece HERE And please SHARE it with your peeps! Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Year to all of you!! Loco

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