Friday, September 18, 2015

The Radiant Ariana Miyamoto Knows How to Keep a Secret!

ariana cover story 2a

As I mentioned in my brand new Locohama Newsletter, today's issue of Metropolis Magazine features an interview and photo shoot with Miss Universe Japan,  Ariana Miyamoto-- my first cover story!  First of many I hope! In it she tackles subjects like how she's preparing for the international competition, why she doesn't feel she needs to compensate for the perception that she's "not Japanese enough," and which cities she thinks are the most stylish and why. Plus, a little secret something she's not quite ready to divulge. Check it out!


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  BTW, I think the cover came out just great! What do you guys think?

ariana cover story 1a

So, you can either pick your copy up (they're available all over) or you can...

Read the Story Here

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And, no, I wasn't in the photo shoot, thank god...just standing by basking in her radiance! Enjoy!

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