Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's It Like To Be Black in Japan?

New video by Rachel and Jun. Well done guys!! 


About this video, I will say this though: the black male experience in Japan is vastly different from the black female experience (as is the case in the US and other places as well...notice the vast majority of cop shootings are of black males...we are truly the endangered species there and the walking threat here--in the eyes of some). 

 Most of the ignorance-based fear that has made its way to Japan from the West (or generated here) is centered around black males, but this video is fairly female opinion heavy. Don't get me wrong, they were good, but the VAST majority of black people in Japan ARE males! I would have liked to hear from more men. The two (and 1/2 -- one guy had his hands full with the tot - too cute) gave a bit of how intense it gets here in Japan with the fear / ignorance-induced behaviour of J-folk. And that gave the video an applaud-worthy balanced perspective. 

 Overall, this is by far the BEST video representation of the black experience in Japan I've seen to date and thank you so much for doing this Rachel and Jun!! You guys ROCK! What did you guys think of it? (Particularly you folk who live here)

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