Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Going On in Yokohama???

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Well, here's one way to find out: You can SUBSCRIBE to my brand new Newsletter. That's right! Finally, I've done it! I'm calling it:


 I will endeavor to make it a source (and resource) of not only information related to my own activities here in Yokohama, but to the many other content creators, news makers and fascinating characters you run into in these parts. You can expect special content like interviews I conduct, both arranged and on the fly, places either I or my team of interns visit (like entertainment and cultural venues, food and other fun stuff) of both a serious and light nature. Some of this content will be exclusive to the newsletter so stay in the know and JOIN THE TEAM. locohama newsletter screen shot3a I urge you to FOLLOW the newsletter and help me continue to put and keep my adopted home on the map. Yokohama has been really good to me. This will be a small part of my continuing efforts to return its many favours while doing my best to make sure the issues that need attention continue to get attention. Thanks in advance! ALSO, the other day I was interviewed by a Youtuber at an event at the Pink Cow in Tokyo. Her name is Jasmine and her channel is called EnlightizeCheck her out!

  jasmine and me 2

 For your viewing pleasure, so to speak, here's the video she shot! Enjoy!

  jasmine me 3a

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