Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When Hateful People Hate You!

Just saw a link on my blog stats page. It sent some traffic my way so I followed it and it lead to a white supremacist website.
Before I could close the page (my normal response to sick minds) curiosity got the best of me.
Somehow I imagined, in almost a decade of having a prominent internet presence, that I'd been there, done that, heard it, and read it (pun intended), all before, all of it, and nothing, NOTHING, could faze me now. I have scar tissue on my soul.
You see, I tell myself (some variation of) if hateful people hate you you must be doing something right. You know, mantras like that. Not that I subscribe to these fortune cookie bromides wholeheartedly but I admit they have helped me get through some tougher moments.
But geezus, being at the center of all that unbridled scathing hate in one was impossible to come away from it unscathed no matter what mantras you tell yourself. Right about now, I feel like I need to take a shower with a Brillo pad or I'll never feel clean again. 
「brillo pad shower」の画像検索結果
Haters are like terrorists. If you give in to hate, the haters win.
I'm not gonna sit here and start spouting off about love conquering all. I've served up enough platitudes for one post. But just knowing that this shit is out there undermines any remaining faith I have in humanity. I'll retrieve it soon I hope. I always do.
So, you know what I'm gonna do after my Brillo shower? I'm gonna knock out that other bottle of bubbly I was too drunk to drink New Years eve, and keep it moving.

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